SanaLife is a leading company in the healthcare sector;

SanaLife is active worldwide in more than 40 countries.

SanaLife focuses on hygienic and odourless storage of incontinence waste. Since 1993 SanaLife is active in the Netherlands and Belgium as a manufacturer / wholesaler of medical products (MiteCare anti-allergy matrass covers). In 2011 SanaLife has developed a new product under the brand name OdoCare. OdoCare, odourless Storage solutions represents an odourless and hygienic storage of incontinence waste.

SanaLife is characterized by its high level of commitment, constant innovation and implementation of practical experiences. With a focus on hygiene and infection prevention SanaLife contributes to a better and viable healthcare environment for both residents / patients and the nursing staff. SanaLife applies to the guidelines of the Dutch Ministry of Health and is therefore able to supply products which meet the government requirements and regulations.

Through its international network SanaLife has understanding of many universal challenges of hygienic and odourless waste storage. Extensive experience, multiple partnerships worldwide and a devoted team are used to support the healthcare sector by delivering solutions for hygienic storage incontinence waste. Over the last few years SanaLife has achieved many successes and is therefore able to confirm its value to the entire healthcare sector.

SanaLife is constantly looking for innovative products which can contribute to the hygiene improvement in the healthcare sector.

The SanaLife headquarter is housed in a historic building in the heart of Gorssel - Gelderland. Additionally SanaLife has offices in Hong Kong and the USA (Miami)